TX3X Chesterfield Islands DX-pedition Financial Summary (USD)

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thumb accountingIn the spirit of DX-pedition financial transparency the Perseverance DX Group leadership team is releasing this financial summary of the TX3X DX-pedition to donor clubs and foundations.

The project’s actual cost was less than 2% above the initial estimate.

A stronger US Dollar helped offset the effects of currency exchange and close budget management was a contributing factor.


TX3X – Chesterfield Islands, 2015

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TX3X – Chesterfield Islands
October 1 - 12, 2015
DXpedition report

Gene Spinelli K5GS

Chesterfield Islands

Figure 1Figure 1 - The Coral Sea – Chesterfield IslandsChesterfield Islands (also known as Chesterfield Reefs) are uninhabited coral atolls in the Coral Sea located approximately 870 kilometers northwest of Noumea, New Caledonia, a French possession. The archipelago is made up of 11 islets and many reefs. The islands are a loose collection of elongated reefs that enclose a deep, semi-sheltered, lagoon. The reefs on the west and northwest are known as the Chesterfield Reefs; those on the east and north being the Bampton Reefs. The Chesterfield Reefs form a structure measuring 120 km in length (northeast to southwest) and 70 km across (east to west).
There are numerous cays occurring amongst the reefs of both the Chesterfield and Bampton Reefs. These include: Loop Islet, Renard Cay, Skeleton Cay, Bennett Island, Passage Islet, Long Island, the Avon Isles, the Anchorage Islets and Bampton Island.


TX3X QSL card

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QSLTX3X Double 800px   

QSL TX3X Single frontThe TX3X QSL went to the printer earlier this week.

With the holidays just around the corner we'll post them from the UK in January.  We're using a folded four sided color card that will be mailed and a traditional color card for overflow QSOs and the Buro.



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TX3X Chesterfield Island went QRT on 11 Oct 2015 17:17:19 UTC.


Update #6

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ready to set sailThe team will board the boat at 10:30AM, Monday Sept 28th. The skipper plans to be at Customs and Immigration earlier in the morning to clear the boat for sailing. Barring any delays we will leave as soon as possible. Being the first workday after a 4 day holiday we are hoping the formalities can be processed quickly and we'll be underway.

Please use the Pilot for your geography to send comments to the team.

Good luck to all that need Chesterfield, we'll see you in the pile-ups.


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