Chesterfield Island DXpedition, 2015 (OC-176)

Update #2

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Evohe at Auckland's Bayswater MarinaAfter a year of heads down project planning, budgeting and equipment procurement TX3X will soon be on the air.  

Chesterfield Island is now Clublog's Most Wanted #21.

As of Thursday 10 Sept, the Advance Team is either in New Zealand, or en route.

Evohe's skipper, Steve Kafka, is at Auckland's Bayswater Marina preparing to load our equipment between 13 - 15 Sept. His position is visible at: or at by searching on Evohe, New Zealand.  

It's not too late to make a donation through the Donate button at   For those processing a donation through before we sail on 28 Sept - LoTW uploads will be processed while we're on the island. All other donors will receive their LoTW upload on a priority basis. OQRS will be available shortly after the DX-pedition is completed.

Chesterfield Islands 2015 Team

Update #1 Shipment arrived to New Zeland

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20150831 1029411,090 kg of TX3X equipment was processed through New Zealand Customs on Monday, 30 August and is now at our equipment consolidation point in Auckland. The gear was packed in Pelican cases and barrels, then wrapped in cardboard / plastic by the shipping agent.

Special thanks to Don Greenbaum N1DG for his help in arranging the shipping logistics for TX3X and Jim Sansoterra K8JRK for providing the Pelican cases.

Boat loading is scheduled for Sept 13 - 15, 2015 at Bayswater Marina, Auckland, NZ.

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